Incendium 10: The Future of People, Places and Work

As the world has undergone a transformation in how and where we work, occupiers, owners, and operators of space need to catch up. Businesses are struggling to align their future of work strategies to their objectives and face ongoing demands for carbon accountability.

Over the past three years Incendium Consulting has delivered cutting-edge consulting programs for many of the world’s leading brands. We are pleased to share the knowledge and insights gained through our new series, Incendium 10: The Future of People, Places, and Work.

By the end of this 10-part series, we will have created a robust set of data-driven insights that challenge the industry to evolve and provide guidance for how to change.

As independent expert practitioners and advisors, we aim to advance a research agenda that other firms are shying away from but is essential for decision-makers.

Our ultimate goal is to take what we’ve learned from our data and fieldwork and create a smarter working world.

Download our introduction to the Incendium 10 to find out more.