Strategic Outsourcing
& Procurement

Our offering is based on 100% independence and a collaborative, positive approach.

Our outsourcing and procurement business has been responsible for over 70 successful programmes for diverse blue chip clients across a range of Corporate Real Estate services.

Our experience in this field means we have the insight to cost data as well as scope innovations, developments in supplier systems and performance metrics, supplier performance on actual contracts and key supplier personnel. Unique to our offer are the proprietary tools and templates we develop on an on-going basis.

Our approach is hinged on:

  • 100% independence
  • Positive and collaborative approach to relationships
  • Accountability for managing process and supplier market interface
  • Willingness to take on the SME role in procurement or client-led programmes
  • Proactive and iterative approach with high level of stakeholder engagement
  • Outcome-led approach from start
  • Rigorous processes in line with corporate governance
  • Deep experience in managing public sector compliant procurement processes
  • Open approach to engagement with the supplier market
  • Giving client visibility and transparency of pricing so they can make informed financial decisions
  • Ability to undertake supply chain Due Diligence

We understand that sourcing is an on-going process, so are committed long term to helping clients with:

  • Supplier performance reviews
  • Assurance and testing of supplier Resilience
  • Benchmarking
  • Renewal/extension negotiations
  • Training on new contracts and managing those