Revolutionising procurement management for a global
energy firm

Contracts for Facilities Management as well as Real Estate services were coming to an end, and a global project was set up to develop a strategy for the holistic procurement of those services.

This project presented the client with a unique opportunity to re-engineer and improve the way services are delivered and contribute to an enhanced workplace experience.

The project’s main goals are: an improved workplace experience, being cost conscious and cost effective, being safe and compliant, to leverage technology and ensure a transparent partnership is established.


  • A varied existing landscape of service delivery and stakeholder objectives.
  • To approach the Workplace Service market in a holistic way and re-engineer the way services are delivered, leveraging supplier innovation, technology and best in market service delivery and partnership.
  • Focus on modernising service delivery to provide inspiring workplaces that will better energise staff and increase attractiveness to future talent.
  • To achieve all of the above whilst remaining cost conscious.


  • Incendium was engaged to lead the PMO function for this project as well as provide commercial, technical and procurement FM and RE service design inputs.
  • The client required a highly agile PMO approach, which we developed by combining elements of the Scrum Agile methodology with Prince2 and our risk management tools and methodologies.
  • We worked with the client, leveraging our existing library of best practice and benchmarking against the market, to develop a highly innovative, market leading and outcome-based set of requirements, specifications & SLAs.
  • We have supported the development of a commercial model that suits the various business units and geographies within the firm.
  • The procurement approach involved running a number of workshops with leading market suppliers in an iterative process to refine and evolve the operating model prior to RFP issue.


Global portfolio offices and R&D/manuf
Keeping cost neutral
Improved workplace experience
Global service alignment
spend per annum being re-procured


Strengthen and differentiate brand:

An innovative workplace
services design that is
cutting edge in the market.

Inject agility into enterprise:

A highly agile procurement
approach, using elements of
the Scrum Agile methodology.

Attract, retain and enable talent:

Engaged stakeholders who
feel their needs and
requirements have been
captured in the design and
operating model – resulting
in a fit for purpose workplace

Improve decision making:

The Incendium PMO and service
design teams are fully embedded
and working as one with the
client team.

Enhance financial performance:

Incendium has ensured the
enhanced workplace experience
is cost neutral.

Focus on core:

The client can focus on core
business, letting the appropriate
3rd party industry specialists
look after the relevant services
with access to innovation and
industry best practice, reducing
business risk and ensuring
legal compliance.