Re-inventing the workplace for bp with Vested®

Incendium played the role of key strategic advisor to bp for the Vested® agreement with JLL to transform and innovate the workplace.

bp is a global energy business with operations in 78 countries across the globe. bp is constantly evolving and re-inventing itself, part of this is a major change programme ‘re-invent bp’ which will have profound implications on both their staff but also on their real estate portfolio.



  • Scope of the project included real estate management services globally and workplace services across bp’s global office portfolio.
  • A project was created to develop an end to end, sustainable and innovative operating model for FM and RE services.
  • The project’s aims are to provide a safe, reliable, sustainable and innovative operating model whilst providing the extensive flexibility for change that bp need.


Our role

Incendium have been bp’s strategic advisor through the duration of the project, including:


  • Reviewing existing arrangements for strategy development
  • Collating and analysing data
  • Market testing to develop options and facilitate the design of a new target operating model for FM and RE service
  • Supporting a thorough procurement process, including PMO, technical, commercial and financial support as well as sustainability expertise
  • Supporting through mobilisation and transition with the new supplier


Project Approach

  • bp opted for a Vested® methodology and procured a Vested® contract with JLL to lead to a better partnership to transform and innovate the workplace
  • Data collection and analysis and a deep understanding of FM processes and governance required were key to setting up the project for success.
  • The Vested® methodology has been a very useful tool in developing the highly flexible contract required by bp in this era of change.
  • We worked in a team of advisors and had to significantly adapt procurement ways of working, as this procurement has been running mostly virtually in the current Covid-19 environment, leading to us developing a plethora of innovative ways of working.



Strengthen and differentiate brand:

An innovative FM and RE
operating model that is
leading-edge in the market

Attract, retain and enable talent:

Engaged stakeholders who feel their
needs and requirements have been captured
in the design and operating model.

Inject agility into enterprise:

A flexible Vested® contract
with JLL to support bp through
their significant ongoing changes

Improve decision making:

The Incendium project team are now
qualified Vested® Certified Deal Architects
(CDAs) and have a licensing agreement
to offer Vested services to clients.

What is Vested®?

Incendium is licensed to offer Vested® methodology and outsourcing services – click here to find out more.