Incendium now offers
Vested Outsourcing services

Incendium is now offering Vested Outsourcing services – a business model for highly collaborative, win-win relationships based on shared values and mutually beneficial goals.

Following completion of the required training, the firm now has a license agreement with Vested Outsourcing Inc, enabling Incendium to provide varied Vested services to new and existing clients, in partnership with Kate Vitasek from the University of Tennessee.

Valerie Bonnin Dreyfus, Incendium senior director who leads the firm’s Target Operating Model and Procurement practice says:

“Vested is an exciting additional offering to the services we provide, whether clients are thinking of renegotiating or tendering their contract, Vested helps create the flexible partnership required during uncertain times. Keep an eye out for further news on Incendium and Vested over the coming months.”