A market-leading sustainability
strategy for a global portfolio

Our global social media client was keen to develop a clear energy and sustainability strategy across its global real estate portfolio.

To undertake an initial 3-month energy and sustainability gap analysis throughout the client’s international portfolio, followed by the development of a real estate sustainability strategy for all properties.


  • To implement effective change management – a key element of sustainability.
  • Communication was key to success of sustainability programmes.
  • Younger generation expects excellence in sustainability in every aspect of the office, which is key for a firm comprising of a largely younger workforce.
  • Cost savings are not the only sustainability and environmental driver.


  • Following a comprehensive gap analysis, Incendium has provided strategic advice to the client on sustainability as well as assisting in development of key global energy, sustainability and wellbeing programmes including:

    • Removing plastic water bottles.
    • A global energy and sustainability data warehouse and tableau dashboard to collate and report on all metrics globally.
    • An energy savings calculator to verify energy savings within operations and capital projects.
    • Development of green lease requirements, used globally to ensure sustainable transactions.
    • Assisting with Energy Management certification and compliance across various offices.
    • Leading the integration of wider operations groups.


Development of Sustainability Dashboard
Plastic bottle consumption globally - reduced by 50%
Energy consumption within EMEA - reduced by 10%
Sustainability business case
evaluation tool


Enhance financial performance:

10% reduction in electricity
consumption across EMEA.

Leverage actionable insight:

Sustainability dashboard and
business case development tool
facilitate the collation and
reporting of data to drive improved
sustainability globally.

Improve decision making:

Integration of multiple teams into a
single sustainability working group
has significantly improved
collaboration across the business.